Yola Pechuga Mezcal 750ml

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In Oaxaca, Mexico, where mezcal is a daily staple, one type is reserved for those exceptional moments. For centuries, Mezcal de Pechuga has been revered as a luxury. Its production requires skill and time, but the result — an elegant, aromatic, full-bodied spirit — is well worth waiting for.

To make ours, we use seasonal citrus fruits like orange, tangerine, lime, guayaba, pineapple, and tejocote. This ultra-premium sipping mezcal is unique and unmatched in flavor, with notes of citrus that brighten the smoke and add a rich complexity to each sip. Our bottle is recycled glass, with a special embossed label and gold foil.

90 Proof (ABV 45%)

Our principal recipe was created in 1971 and later passed down to Yola by her grandfather. Today, we distill and bottle mezcal at our namesake farm in Oaxaca, where we’re proud to infuse a modern approach into the 400-year-old tradition. The ultra-premium quality of our mezcal is born out of the expert craftsmanship that is core to our mezcal. Refined over decades, our rare blends are simultaneously delicate and rich.

Across cultures and borders, every glass we raise is a nod toward pleasure, heritage, and the moments that bring us together.

Mezcal culture is ignited by people: those who make it, those who love it, and even those who are just getting to know it.

Yola Mezcal is about bringing them all together. Since 2015, we’ve cultivated alliances with pioneers and leaders across industries: food and drink, of course, but also art, music, and culture. United by an endless curiosity for the world, our growing community is drawn to heritage, craft, pleasure, and ritual.

We began Yola Mezcal with a profound reverence for the ancestral roots of our product, but also with awareness of the acute gender violence and inequality faced by women in Oaxaca.

The women who work in Yola Mezcal’s facilities receive direct pay, fair wages, and childcare. They determine their own hours within flexible schedules. Across all levels of our company, women pour talent and dedication into their roles, and each bottle of Yola Mezcal is a result of these efforts.

Complex, elegant, aromatic, full-bodied

Notes of citrus, guayaba, mandarin, with a soft smoke

Long and smooth, with a distinctive lingering of sweetness

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