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Sukkah Hill Spirits Besamim Liqueur 750mL

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Besamim is an aromatic spice liqueur with notes of vanilla, clove and cinnamon. Bottled at 74 proof, Besamim is wonderful neat, on the rocks or as a base in mixed cocktails.

“Sukkah Hill Spirits capture the spirit of Home and the Holidays. [They are] “What to sip” New York Times

75 Proof (ABV 37%)

We didn’t realize that we were going into the liqueur business. We just thought that we were sharing a delicious home made drink with friends. Our founder, Taste Mistress, and resident foodie – took a handful of holiday etrogs (What are Etrogs? They are an ancient heritage citrus fruit rumored to have the aroma of the Garden of Eden) and decided to make a liqueur for our own enjoyment. The result was fantastic. Sweet, clear, fruity, floral and powerful. We poured it for dinner guests, and they were hooked too. The next year we made a few bottles and brought them to holiday celebrations. Soon we had friends and neighbors asking if we could make them a bottle too. One of those neighbors shared a bottle with the spirits buyer of a major grocery chain. When he called us one day and said that he wanted to stock our liqueurs in his stores, we realized that we had something special.

By the time we caught our breath, we had an operating distilled spirits plant, pallets of liqueur, gold medals, industry recognition, and the best fruit liqueur on the market. We also had a handful of recipes for new spirits to rival our original. When we introduced our second liqueur – our aromatic spice liqueur called Besamim – to the market it was a hit. We discovered that the world is divided into Team Etrog and Team Besamim. We are still excited every time we discover another bar creating signature cocktails around our liqueurs.

We make every bottle by hand, in our little beach town distilled spirits plant from all natural ingredients, pure sugar cane spirits and delicious spring water. Never GMO. Never Industrial. Its real food (but high proof so be careful out there.)

We are truly excited to bring our family of natural hand crafted liqueurs to your family.


Howard and Marni Witkin

Vibrant aromas and flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with a silky, moderately sweet medium body and a gently warming frosted carrot cake and candied spiced nut finish. Elegant, natural and balanced spice flavor that is great on its own and in holiday cocktails.

Smoke and Mirrors
1 ½ oz. Bourbon
1 ½ oz Coffee
½ oz Sukkah Hill Besamim Liqueur
1 ½ tsp Maple syrup
1 tsp Frangelico

Shake all with ice until shaker is icy. Strain and serve over ice.

Spiced Mai Tai
etrog mai tai
2 oz Rum
1 oz Lime juice
½ oz Orange Curaçao
½ oz Orgeat syrup
½ oz Sukkah Hill Etrog Liqueur
½ oz Sukkah Hill Besamim Liqueur
Lime Twist

Add all of the ingredients except for the lime twist to a shaker with ice.
Shake. Pour into a coupe. Garnish with lime twist.

Spicy in Seattle
1 oz coffee liqueur
2 oz Sukkah Hill Besamim Liqueur

Combine and serve over ice in highball glass

Variation: add 1 oz milk

Kentucky Spice
1/2 – 1 oz Sukkah Hill Besamim Liqueur
1 oz Bourbon

Combine and serve straight or over ice

variation: substitute 1 oz Rye


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  • Quick Shipping Orders ship on average within 24 hours.
  • Competitive Prices We make sure you are getting a deal on our products!

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