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San Dimas Mezcal 750ml

Product image 1San Dimas Mezcal 750ml
Product image 2San Dimas Mezcal 750ml

San Dimas Mezcal 750ml

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

San Dimas legend goes back to when the Spaniards arrived to the central
valley of Oaxaca. A monk had a dream where he was told to distill the

fermented juice from agave.

The monastery attributed the dream to San Dimas and mezcal was born.

Gerardo Linares has been part of the beverage industry for more than
20 years. He founded a vineyard in Chile more than 10 years ago but
his passion has been mezcal. He teamed up with Antonio Lopez, the
maestro mezcalero, to develop the best mezcal that could be hand
crafted. Mezcal is know for too much smoke and a difference in taste
in every batch. The reason is that the agave is not the right one or that
the process is not done accurately. This is where San Dimas is
We use only mature piñas, eight years old, that will yield the right
amount of sugar. We cook the agave for 3 days but do not over cook
so that the right amount of smoke is in our mezcal. We crush with a
tahona to get the flavors that only the stone crushed agave gets. Then
we make sure that the fermentation, in oak vats, is done in one step.
Finally we distilled the mezcal and get only the core for our product.

San Dimas's Espadin Agave is grown in the red soil of the central
valley of Oaxaca. We wait until the agave is mature and the piña is
bigger than 250 pounds.

The piñas are cooked to perfection in a stone oven, only the right
amount of smoke will be present after cooking. We believe in balance
and the balance that some adds is balanced by the citrus and mineral
notes of our mezcal.

San Dimas is fermented in one step to guarantee the citrus and
cooked agave notes are present in every bottle.

San Dimas is distilled in small copper vats to extract the core of the
mezcal. We cut what are called heads and tails which contain the
toxins that make you feel sick the day after.

The combination of factors make San Dimas unique because of the
balance between cooked agave, medium smoke, citrus and mineral
notes.. This extra care is the factor that adds to our smoothness,
balance and unique taste.

Antonio Lopez is the son of Mario Lopez a maestro with more than 50
years of experience. Antonio was born in Matatlán Oaxaca, more than
25 years ago between agaves and mezcal. He has mezcal in his
blood and not because he drinks it, his passion is to take forward the
product and tradition that he loves. He worked in Tequila Jalisco and
learned all the techniques that the big guys use, his mission is to
adapt and keep the artisanal process with the best techniques from
other distillers. For San Dimas, Antonio is looking to incorporate his
knowledge with ideas and innovation from the wine world from
Gerardo Linares the brand master.


Aromas: orange peal, honey,
flowers and white pepper
Mouth: citrus, spices, mineral and
light sweet notes

Oaxaca Coffee
3 ounces of espresso coffee
1 1/2 ounces San Dimas Mezcal
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Orange peel for garnish and agave nectar
Pour in a cocktail shaker the espresso coffee, San Dimas Black and one
teaspoon of agave nectar. Add crushed ice, bitters and mix, serve in a old
fashion glass with one ice cube. Garnish with the orange peel.

Smoked Negroni
1 ounce of San Dimas Mezcal
1 ounce of Campari
1 ounce of sweet vermouth
Orange peel for garnish
Pour in a cocktail shaker the San Dimas Black, Campari and sweet
vermouth. Add crushed ice and mix, serve in a old fashion glass with one ice
cube. Garnish with the orange peel.


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