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Old Town Distilling Co. Organic Gin 750mL

Product image 1Old Town Distilling Co. Organic Gin 750mL
Product image 2Old Town Distilling Co. Organic Gin 750mL

Old Town Distilling Co. Organic Gin 750mL

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

Organic juniper berries, lavender flowers, green cardamom, raw cinnamon, grapefruit. 

Old Town Distilling Co. is Northern Colorado's first certified organic craft distillery, producing Colorado's only organic bourbon and rye whiskey. OTD makes each of its products from scratch, sourcing organic grain from local farms, hand-milling the grain, then mashing with our housemade mash tun and hot liquor tank. We open ferment with craft brewing methods, culturing our proprietary yeast strains in our on-site laboratory. Once fermented dry, we double distill the wash on the grain in our customized hand-hammered alembic copper pot still, relying on time-honored distillation traditions. We proceed to collect only the purest portions of the hearts. Our whiskey then enters No. 4 char virgin oak casks, coopered in the American heartland, before aging in our uninsulated rickhouse, where it ebbs and flows with the wild Colorado temperature swings, making for a richer extraction of flavor from the barrel. Lastly, we carefully blend and strain the liquid before hand-filling and labeling each bottle, before dipping in wax, stamping it with our logo mark and signing it with the appropriate barrel and batch number and age statement. 

Old Town Distilling Co.’s Master Distiller, Jeremy M. Kempter, is a Colorado native who began his beverage career in 2006 as the creator of a wildly popular cocktail bar called Luscious Nectar in Old Town Fort Collins, where he spent nearly a decade infusing spirits with every ingredient imaginable and mixing drinks in all forms while striving to provide each guest a unique experience. 

In 2013, Kempter undertook the giant leap of faith in opening a distillery, converting the his bar into a tasting room. He devoted painstaking effort to question conventional wisdom to forge a path of uncommon excellence for OTD’s award-winning product range. 

Floral bouquet, clean and light pine, spearmint, grapefruit, earthy, baking spice finish. 

Micro Liquor Spirit Awards - Taste (Gold) 

Micro Liquor Spirit Awards - Packaging Design (Gold)


1.5 oz Old Town Organic Gin, .75 oz fresh lemon juice, .25 oz Campari, .25 oz Cointreau 

Shake and fine strain into chilled coupe glass 



2 oz Old Town Organic Gin, .75 oz fresh lemon juice, .5 oz honey syrup (1-1 honey + water) 

Shake and fine strain into chilled coupe glass 

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