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Old Harbor Distilling Co. Gin 750ml

Product image 1Old Harbor Distilling Co. Gin 750ml
Product image 2Old Harbor Distilling Co. Gin 750ml

Old Harbor Distilling Co. Gin 750ml

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80 Proof (40% ABV)

Adventure Series Gin is made with 100% juniper berries for a classic dry-style gin. Bright and floral with notes of evergreen, clean citrus & fresh blueberry. 

Neutral Corn Spirit, Juniper Berry & Reverse Osmosis Water


Michael Skubic is a brewer turned distiller with an entrepreneurial knack for the spirits world. Homebrewer since the age of 21, Michael got a running start post college as co-founder of Mike Hess Brewing Company. Working with Mike Hess they opened the first “nanobrewery” in San Diego. After four and a half years and much success, Michael left the brewery to pursue a longtime dream: distilling. Always the entrepreneur, he noticed that unlike craft beer, the craft spirits industry in San Diego was lacking in tradition. Michael set out to change that (and to be honest, he had always been a whiskey drinker who liked beer). Fathoming something greater, Michael founded Old Harbor Distilling Company in the fall of 2013, a distillery with strong San Diego roots that’s, in fact, the first licensed distillery located in the city’s downtown East Village neighborhood. 

Old Harbor’s Blake Heffernan is the Director of Operation and Master Distiller, whose experience includes designing whiskey, vodka and gin recipes at both BNS Brewing & Distilling and You & Yours Distilling Co, in San Diego. He also has traveled abroad where he helped launch Granddaddy Jacks an award-winning distillery in Australia. Blake has numerous medals & awards under his belt and they are certain he has many more on the way.


Old Harbor Adventure Series Gin is made from 100% Juniper
to give you the most simple and pure gin possible. Distilled in
downtown San Diego with exacting aention to detail in order
to taste like traditional London Dry Gin.

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