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Mozart Chocolate Cream Pumpkin Spice Liqueur 750ml

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Creamy, light orange chocolate pumpkin spice liqueur, as a well-balanced symphony of milk chocolate, caramel, natural pumpkin juice, cinnamon, clove, and a hint of vanilla, handcrafted with love.

34 Proof (ABV 17%)

Every single Mozart bottle is produced in our distillery in Salzburg – then as now.

Decades of experience uncompromisingly ensure the highest quality through a unique production process.

The sophisticated manufacturing process requires multiple steps in composing the original Mozart Chocolate Liqueur.

The commitment and dedication of our team in Salzburg are also recognized by international institutions, e.g. by the IWSC*, which named the Mozart Distillerie “Liqueur Producer of the Year 2020”.

*International Wine and Spirit Competition

For producing superior products, the best raw materials are required. Our production process therefore starts with the finest selection of raw ingredients, such as cocoa, sugar beet, and Bourbon vanilla, the base ingredients for producing chocolate.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur basic ingredient cocoa

A special blend from West Africa guarantees intense and tart cocoa notes in Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur basic ingredient sugar beet

Two essentials for Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs are generated from sugar beet: sugar to add the sweetness and sugar beet distillate as a base spirit.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur basic ingredient vanilla

Only genuine Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is used in Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs.

Depending on which Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is created, we refine our products with the finest Belgian chocolate, a special cream from the Netherlands, and / or caramel.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur basic ingredient chocolate

Finest Belgian gourmet chocolate adds a tender melt, an incomparable smoothness, and the delicious taste of conched chocolate.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur basic ingredient cream

The cream* is a special blend from the Netherlands spiked with cocoa butter. It develops a smooth texture, a unique flavor, and does not settle.

*not used in Mozart Dark Chocolate.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur basic ingredient caramel

Our Master Distiller adds a hint of caramel to achieve the beautiful finish of Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs.

The appearance of a Mozart Chocolate Liqueur bottle is unique due to its round bottle and luxurious wrapping. Indeed, no bottle is like the other as the foil wrapping always varies slightly. Overall it resembles a chocolate praline and therefore establishes Mozart Chocolate Liqueur as a charming present from Austria. Each variety has its own color code and represents the diversity in tastes of chocolate.


Experience the creamy pumpkin spice chocolate sensation, a delicately melting indulgence by Mozart Chocolate Liqueur.
LOOK Orange
TASTE Typical pumpkin spice flavor with full-bodied liquid milk chocolate
FEEL Creamy, light texture

Mozart Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Golden Harvest
For 1 drink

5 cl Mozart Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Liqueur
20 cl Whole milk
3 Tablespoons caramel icecream
6 cl Carrot juice

Whipped cream
Caramelized popcorn
Orange chocolate candy
Slize of cheesecake

Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix well. Strain the choctail into a large glass jar. Top with whipped cream and garnish with caramelized popcorn and orange chocolate candy. Top it all with a slice of a cheesecake.


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  • Quick Shipping Orders ship on average within 24 hours.
  • Competitive Prices We make sure you are getting a deal on our products!

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