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James Bay Distillers Navy Strength Gin 750mL

James Bay Distillers Navy Strength Gin 750mL

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114 Proof (ABV 57%) 

Process: Distilled with juniper, coriander,
angelica, orris root and cassia, with new
botanicals: elderflower and vanilla to match
flavor notes of a British Royal wedding cake.

Serving: This exceptional gin is an ideal
“sipping gin” over ice, as a martini or gin mule.
Or use a favorite tonic! We recommend a “test
drive,” starting with a sip neat, and then adding
your mixer to suit.

Story: Back in the day, the Brits gave
sailors a gin ration. They found that below 114
proof, the powder wouldn’t burn if the gin spilled! That meant in order to burn the
power to fire the cannons (to sink the French fleet!), the gin had to be 114 proof! We
used mermaids on the label instead of battleships and sailors as a nod to Homer &
The Odyssey, and to reflect on who rules the waves! Go Navy!

    We are a craft distillery producing world-class whiskies and gins – as seen in our multiple gold, double gold and other awards from national and international competitions. We make tasty and enjoyable gin for people who “think” they don’t like gin. All our spirits are sipping spirits – meant to taste great right out of the bottle. After some years in company and product development, including a move to- and then back from Canada (!), we are wholly committed to super premium quality, using organic, sustainable and renewable ingredients whenever available. The 2 co founders, Ernie and Leigh Troth have backgrounds in international business and trade, project and product development and quality control. Leigh has also been a senior software developer.

    Ernie Troth hails from Washington State, but has lived and worked close to 15 years abroad, mostly in Europe and the Middle East. He holds a BA degree from Chicago, an MA in International Economics from Geo. Washington University in DC, and an MBA in International Marketing from New Haven. After working abroad, he settled in Virginia, where he met his wife, Leigh. During the course of business development for the distillery, Ernie worked part-time and as a volunteer worker at both US and Canadian distilleries, took courses from the American Distilling Institute and others. Developing sensory  perception for distillates is an acquired ability, and he combines the sensory process with chemistry and detailed analytics. 

    Tasting notes: Sweet on the nose, a light
    citrus and baking spice, followed by sweet
    elderflower and vanilla & crème anglaise with a
    light lemon note. Sweet finish with mild juniper.
    Process: Distilled with juniper, coriander,

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