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Iowa Legendary - Gold Label Rye 750mL

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Warning, this Rye is actually a Time Machine. The story of Iowa Legendary is, well, legendary! This is a true Prohibition-era recipe, going back to a lady by the name of Lorine Sextro, a bread-baking German Catholic mother who used her skills to become a bootlegger (never caught, by the way!). This bottle literally takes you back in time to a pour that was Al Capone’s favorite (say what you will, he’s got good taste in spirits). Currently, Lorine’s grandson, Heath Schneider, is continuing her legacy, carrying the formal title of “Bootlegger’s Grandson”. Together with Whiskey Rich, a 5th generation bootlegger himself, they are dedicated to recreating this original Rye recipe without cutting any corners. They use bread-baker’s yeast, just like Mrs. Sextro did. They age their Rye in 15 gallon casks. Why? Because, in the true wisdom of Grandma Lorine, you can’t run from the law with a 40 gallon cask under your arm! Their recipe has remained unchanged, using only 4 ingredients: a 100% rye mashbill, cane sugar, bread baker’s yeast, and water. And rather than scaling up to use a larger and more efficient still, they choose to distill in 6 tiny 26-gallon stills to ensure consistency in their batches (think of it like baking a bunch of loaves of bread!). We fell in love with the Sextro story, as well as this delicious Rye. This is a treat for our subscribers, as this Gold Label isn’t even available to the public yet, and the Iowa Legendary label isn’t distributed outside of the state of Iowa! We hope you enjoy tasting this piece of history, taking a step back in time to experience a true Prohibition-era Rye!V

100 Proof (ABV 50%)

If you are like most Americans, it is difficult to find a top-notch bottle of whiskey that can be bought locally. Obviously, a whiskey that goes down smooth will attract attention and bring you back for that 2nd & 3rd drink. What if you had a whiskey that was genuinely great?

Introducing our Traditional small-batch rye. Distilled in Pre-Prohibition-era replica 26-gallon pot stills and aged in our 15-gallon casks. Our “All-Natural Rye” is handcrafted and hand-bottled.

It is 1931 in Templeton, Iowa. Desperation abounds during the Great Depression. A mother on a farm in Templeton, Iowa does what she can to survive. Prohibition is in full force. She begins using her baking skills to craft rye. Due to the quality and reputation of rye made in Templeton, it becomes a nationally-renowned product. That lady is named Lorine Sextro. She was never caught and nearly took her family secret to her grave. Today, her grandson Heath Schneider is continuing that legacy making Iowa Legendary Rye the good old fashioned way. Original. Authentic. This is Iowa Legendary Rye.

Color/Appearance: New Penny

Aroma Notes: Maple donut, Werther’s Original™, deep mint, thyme, turbinado sugar, aromatic bitters, buttered bread

Tasting Notes: Rounded and rich texture, melted caramel, cinnamon, orange studded with nutmeg, deep oak presence, baked oats

Finish: Mid-long finish, slightly drying, leather and black pepper round it out

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  • Quick Shipping Orders ship on average within 24 hours.
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