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DorWood Distillery Agave Blanco 750ml

Product image 1DorWood Distillery Agave Blanco 750ml
Product image 2DorWood Distillery Agave Blanco 750ml

DorWood Distillery Agave Blanco 750ml

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 Proof 80 (ABV 40%)

We make our Agave Blanco (our Tequila Blanco)  from 100% Blue Agave grown, harvested   and processed in Jalisco Mexico then shipped here where we then ferment it with wild  yeast that was started and then propagated directly from the agave plants grown in Jalisco. Then we distill it 3 times. On you first sip you taste the beautiful, sweet Agave flavors and earthy aromas with a smooooth middle and great lingering finish. It’s hard to imagine that it’s not aged and still so smooth. This is a sipping Agave Blanco. Straight up or for the best Margarita in the world. ​  

Pairings: DorWood Agave Blanco tastes delicious with a first course, something with acidity, like ceviche or chips with salsa. That includes lemon, lime, bitter orange, Key lime, grapefruit, and even mango. Citrus flavor, such as seafood or chicken, also well with DorWood Agave. Think light seafood like tilapia or shrimp marinated in Agave and fresh lime, then grilled with butter and sprinkled with cilantro and salt.


Located in Buellton California in the heart of the Beautiful Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara wine country, DorWood Distillery is a true soil to sip, hands on family owned and operated distillery making each batch small and hand crafted the old world way. Everything we do is handmade and made onsite.

Using only the finest natural material sourced as close to home as possible, 

DorWood uses these ingredients to make truly Sophisticated Spirits. We distill everything on site and we only use the Hearts and discard the Heads and Tails for a purer cleaner smoother tasting spirit. We make products that can stand on their own. Neat, on the rocks. No cocktail mix is needed with our lineup. We want you to enjoy the products taste, not buried in a sugary cocktail mix. But if you do want to elevate your cocktails to another level, then please mix away.

Jay has been distilling since 2014. He has been involved over the years in Construction and Development, Music Industry, Athletic Clubs, Physical Therapy Company. Loving and drinking Tequila for years, when Jays brother Jeff called and ask him what he thought about opening up a distillery he jumped at the idea and started literally the next morning. Missing the ability to use the creative forces from previous business’s, this gave Jay that chance to start creating again. And he has not look back since. Always looking to make his products as good and as smooth as possible. The best compliment one can have is when a customer comes back for seconds and more.

2019 San Diego Spirit Competition Bronze Medal Winner.     

2 oz DorWood Agave Blanco 1 oz DorWood Limoncello 1 oz Grand Marnier 1/2 oz Lime Juice
Shake all ingredients together in Martini Shaker until ice cold Pour into chilled Martini Glass - with or without salt on rim

2 oz DorWood Agave Blanco 1 oz DorWood Habapeño Limoncello 1 oz Grand Marnier 1/2 oz Lime Juice
Shake all ingredients together in Martini Shaker until ice cold Rim glass in Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate power Pour into chilled Martini Glass Sprinkle Cinnamon on top Garnish with Candied Jalapeños

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