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Batch 22 New American Aquavit 750ml

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A unique American spin on a traditional Old World aquavit recipe, Batch 22 offers a smoother, more mellow, citrus-and-herb forward drink that’s as versatile as it is delicious. No other liquor or alcohol elevates the flavor profile of a craft cocktail the way Batch 22 does.

80 Proof (ABV 40%)

It all began in the 1970s, somewhere in Eastern Europe…
Matthew was visiting his father on the set of a film when a grip pulled out a bottle with no label and poured for the cast and crew. Matthew remembers it being the most delicious and unique drink he’d ever tasted. For decades, he reminiscence about the night he tasted that amazing spirit; not sweet, a hint of citrus, somewhat herbaceous. He searched liquor stores and tasted all kinds of bottles, but he never found anything that approached the elixir he remembered….Until…
Four decades later, during the height of the COVID pandemic, Matthew had a little downtime. An idea struck. Soon, his Los Angeles kitchen was strewn with Mason jars, citrus graters, spice grinders, lemons, and bunches of fresh herbs. He worked for weeks, refined his process, and finally poured a glass for his skeptical housemate Marc. His reaction was instantaneous. Matthew had somehow turned a handful of basic ingredients into gold.
After Marc and Matthew shared a bottle with their friend Bruce, a serious
plan was hatched and they got to work. Using dozens of hand-zested lemons, bunches of hand-chopped herbs, and bowls of hand-ground spices, a final prototype batch was ready (the 22nd recipe). Magical, smooth, and complex, their creation was easy to sip on its own—straight from the freezer or at room temperature. It was also dynamite as a mixer for cocktails. It paired brilliantly with sodas, tonics, juices, and sparkling wine, and it also breathed new life into the classics, like the Negroni, the Bloody Mary, and the Mule.


Downtime Cocktails, Inc., which created, owns, and manages the Batch 22 brand, is owned and operated by three equal partners.

Marc Marosi, Business Development
A Newport Beach native, Marc is a tech-savvy real estate entrepreneur who brings many years of business experience to the team. Marc has spearheaded the R&D and focus-group testing for Batch 22, and has well-established connections in the world of Southern California bars, restaurants, and wine & spirits.

Matthew Arkin, Master Blender/Operations
Matthew used his passion for a spirit he tasted decades ago to fuel his determination to create a spirit of his own. After months of blending citrus elements with a variety of botanicals and spices, he landed upon a magical elixir that’s uniquely smooth, sippable, and satisfying. In the process, he has redefined what aquavit can be and has forged a new category for the American market.

As he was building his successful career as a film-and-stage actor, Matthew also had the opportunity to bartend in New York City, to practice as a lawyer, and to develop a talent for high-end mixology. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, California, and Director of the Acting Intensive Program at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa.

Bruce Glassman, Sales & Marketing
For nearly 35 years, Bruce has worked in one form of communications or another. He has been an editor for college, trade, and children’s publishers; he’s started and managed publishing companies of all sizes, and he’s been a writer who has covered everything from biographies to science, as well as the world of food and beverages. As a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York City (now the Institute of Culinary Education) and a beer writer for many years, Bruce brings his training and insights into the world of flavor to every project he works on.


Batch 22 is an American aquavit that has its roots in some of the traditional spirits of Northern Europe; we've added our own twists to make it uniquely smooth, warm, and inviting. It’s an aquavit liquor that pairs effortlessly with an infinite variety of mixers and ingredients.

As a mixer, Batch 22 breathes new life into old standards like, the Bloody Mary, the Manhattan, or the Negroni. As a straight sipper, Batch 22 aquavit offers a complex array of aromas and flavors that beg to be quietly contemplated.

The Batch Happy Mule
One of our most popular cocktails, the Batch Happy Mule substitutes our Classic Gold aquavit for the traditional vodka. Light and refreshing, this is a drink that never gets old.
In a copper mule mug combine:
2 oz. Batch 22 Classic Gold aquavit
.5 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice (or Rose’s if fresh is not available)
Dash of angostura bitters
Top with ginger beer
Gently stir ingredients and garnish with a lime wedge.
Serves 1

The Ice-Cubist
(Created by the bar staff at Panama 66, San Diego, CA)
Batch 22 was the lead spirit sponsor of the 2022 Culture and Cocktails event hosted by the San Diego Museum of Art. For that event, the talented bar staff from Panama 66 crafted this delicious, crowd-pleasing cocktail with aquavit.
Stir in a rocks glass with ice:
2 oz. Batch 22 Classic Gold aquavit
.75 oz. Amaro
.75 oz. Elderflower Liqueur
2-4 Dashes Grapefruit bitters
Garnish with twisted grapefruit peel
Serves 1

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