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10th Street California Coast Whiskey 750mL

Product image 110th Street California Coast Whiskey 750mL
Product image 210th Street California Coast Whiskey 750mL

10th Street California Coast Whiskey 750mL

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84 Proof (ABV 42%)

10th Street California Coast Whiskey is a tribute to the state's melting pot culture. It starts with two of their California made single malts - the double gold winning STR and the gold medal winning Distiller's Cut. These are combined with two amazing pot-still distilled light whiskies from the old Seagram's plant in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The light whiskies are distilled to a higher proof, creating a more delicate spirit that is perfect for blending in fuller flavored single malts. This unique whiskey is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of what California has to offer.



We’re engineers. Incorrigibly so. We believe things can always be made better. In fact, we’ve never seen anything that we didn’t want to improve. With some racking of brains, some midnight oil, and a ton of elbow grease. The status quo is unacceptable to us.

We learned the old ways of making Single Malts from the masters. We saw the traditional ways of making whiskey in America. And we saw no reason to be constrained by either. Our whiskeys are a product of precision. Of meticulous attention to detail. But they are also a product of adventure. Of willingness to erase boundaries. And break new ground.

Nose: Pleasant and immediately approachable, greeted with the familiar flavors from American oak cask, stewed stone fruits, vanilla custard, coconut cream, but also uniquely 10th Street, modeling clay, sea air, salinity, cocoa puffs, red pu-ehr tea, the first rain on dry concrete.
Color: Lightly oaked Chardonnay
Palate: Easy to drink, panacotta, light campfire embers, dandelions, and heathered honey.
Finish: Leaves you wanting more with glazed donuts, lime altoid sours, and lingering silky mouthfeel.

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