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Wine Shine - CA

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Wine Shine passionately crafts artisan spirits in the heart of California’s central coast. We use only the finest ingredients sourced locally and organically whenever possible. At Wine Shine, we are committed to blending age-old distillation techniques with innovative nuanced flavors that will entice your palate. Our crew collectively has over a century of experience in mixology, culinary arts, and wine making that shines through in every bottle. We invite you to enjoy our brandy, whiskey, and a variety of small batch spirits that will surely leave your taste buds craving for more.
Wine Shine sources their wine from a number of west side Paso Robles wineries including but not limited to: Saxum, Clos Selene, Herman Story, Denner, Turtle Rock, Terry Hoage, Desperada, and Epoch Estates.
We never ameliorate our products with anything artificial, our spirits are naturally infused and distilled with a very limited number of ingredients. Our goal is to create spirits that showcase the natural flavors and colors of our ingredients. We cut heavy hearts from our still, and don’t re-use heads or tails in the production of our spirits.
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