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Three Ranger Whiskey Company – Illinois



Three Rangers is a product born of Brotherhood, Service, and Sacrifice.

Decades ago the founders of Three Rangers committed themselves to a higher purpose to serve our Nation. They, along with the hundreds of thousands of others who have given themselves to the same commitment, sacrificed their time, health, and comfort for a greater good.

This measure of devotion is a gift of those from the past, provided daily for those who currently Serve, and will continue in the future as the next generation takes on the mantle of leadership to provide freedom and security for this great Nation of ours.

Decades later that bond gave birth to an idea, and then, a reality – Three Rangers.

We at Three Rangers continue that commitment to serve and volunteer daily within our communities. We also feel that Service and Sacrifice should be rewarded and shared, therefore we create spirits that reflect the passion and excellence of the men and women who drink it.

Thank you everyone, past, present, and future, who provide us our freedoms.

~ Clay Othic

Three Rangers is a service disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB).

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