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Weekly Spirits Showcase: Dancing Daughters Lemon Whiskey

In the roaring 1920s, amidst the jazz-filled nights and the fervor of societal change, a group of bold women emerged, challenging conventions and rewriting the rules. They were the Dancing Daughters, embodying fearlessness, sophistication, and an unapologetic zest for life. Their spirit, resilience and unwavering commitment to equality have left an indelible mark on history. Today, their legacy lives on in every sip of Dancing Daughters Lemon Whiskey.

Kelly Nolan and Jessica Steelberg, cousins bound by blood and a shared vision, embarked on a journey to create a whiskey that encapsulated the spirit of the Dancing Daughters. Fueled by a passion for spirits and a desire to disrupt the male-dominated alcohol industry, they set out to craft a whiskey that would resonate with women everywhere. Their mission was clear: to celebrate the essence of womanhood, to empower, and to inspire.

As we raise our glasses to the trailblazing women of the past and present, let us also raise our voices in celebration of progress. Dancing Daughters Lemon Whiskey is more than just a drink; it's a symbol of empowerment, a testament to the enduring spirit of women everywhere. So here's to the fearless, the sophisticated, the unapologetically you. Cheers to the Dancing Daughters and to all those who dare to dream.


The Product

Step into a world where every sip is a journey of taste and texture! This lemon-flavored whiskey isn't just a drink; it's a symphony of flavors waiting to be explored. Whether savored neat, on the rocks, or as the star ingredient in a tantalizing cocktail, its versatility knows no bounds.

Picture this: a glass filled with golden liquid, glistening in the soft glow of candlelight. The first sip reveals a harmonious blend of smooth whiskey infused with the zesty brightness of lemon. Each sip dances across your palate, leaving a trail of citrusy delight in its wake.

Feeling adventurous? Why not elevate your experience with a splash of ginger beer and a handful of ice? The result is a refreshing concoction that tingles the senses and invigorates the soul. It's the perfect libation for balmy summer nights under the stars or cozy evenings spent nestled by the fire.


3 Cocktails to Try

The Nancy


1 oz Dancing Daughters Lemon Whiskey
2 oz Unfiltered Apple Cider
Dash of Maple Syrup
Dash of Cinnamon

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake until blended and pour over ice.
Garnish with an apple slice.


The Christy

2 oz Dancing Daughters Lemon Whiskey
1 oz Simple Syrup
1 oz Soda Water
4-5 Mint Sprigs

Place the mint leaves and simple syrup in a cup. Muddle well. Add the whiskey and crushed ice to the glass and stir well.


The Grayce

1.5 oz Dancing Daughters Lemon Whiskey
.75 oz Blackberry Syrup
.75 oz Lemon Juice
6 oz Soda Water
Mint & Blackberry Garnish

Mix first 3 ingredients and stir. Top with soda water. Garnish with mint sprigs and fresh blackberries.