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Holiday Gift Guide Example

Looking for some amazing spirits to celebrate this holiday season?

Black Button has got you covered! It’s the perfect mix: Bourbon Cream, Gin, and Bourbon Whiskey. The possibilities are endless! Black Button was established in 2012 by 24-year-old Master Distiller Jason Barrett. While he could have followed in nearly 100 years of the Barrett family in the button business, he chose to strike out on his own and follow his passion for distilling. Black Button is Rochester’s first grain-to-glass distillery since prohibition. Today Black Button has a loyal fan-following due to their locally sourced ingredients and making adventurous craft spirits.

Tennessee Legend is changing the way you drink with their delicious flavored spirits!

From salted caramel whiskey to peppermint mocha liqueur, each sip is so satisfying and taste-tempting! Perfect for any occasion from gifting someone special or just having around at your next holiday party--Tennessee legend won't disappoint in making every moment unforgettable

The perfect spirit for any Vodka lover!

Blue Ice is smooth, delicious, and will make your holiday all the more festive. “Big Jim” Myerson’s affinity for fine wines and spirits led him on a quest through the Grand Teton Mountains. He had a vision to create his own vodka made with only natural ingredients from America’s best crop regions. That’s why he chose Idaho: the place where Myerson and his family came from and lived, and where the ingredients are sourced to make the best tasting, handcrafted vodka.

This gin stands for a great cause with a taste just as great!

Gray Whale Gin believes that a lovingly handcrafted spirit brings people together for good times. Gray Whale Gin was inspired by the gray whale (of course) but also California’s beauty. The distillers relished the beauty of California on a camping trip in Big Sur. They noticed a gray whale in the distance with its calf, and so Gray Whale Gin was born.

Every bottle sold supports Oceana, protecting and restoring the world’s oceans, so that gray whales can continue to make their epic journeys throughout the ocean!

An ultra smooth whiskey made by Heros.

Veteran owned Three Rangers Rye Whiskey is a small batch, organic whiskey made with specially selected grains and an attention to detail that the community demands. This "single barrel" expression aged in 30 gallon charred new oak barrels ensures it will maximize its unique flavor no matter which way you go: neat or on your favorite cocktail!

The holidays are the perfect time to try delicious spirits that you’ve never had before... like Bacanora!

One of the many amazing Mexican spirits that can only be made in Sonora, Mexico. For decades, Bacanora production was banned. It was lifted in 1992, but people still had no idea what it was outside of Sonora, Mexico. However, that changed in 2012 when a man named Mel Abert Jr. wandered into a small liquor store in San Carlos and spotted Bacanora. Once he tried it, he knew he had to get the word out about Bacanora! And so Novel Spirits was born. Novel Spirits is a specialty import company that is devoted to brining this unique spirit directly from the state of Sonora to spirit lovers like you around the world!

Portuguese Bend’s craft spirits will be a quintessential addition to your holiday festivities--especially their Spiced Rum!

It goes perfect with eggnog or even in a comforting glass of hot cider.

Portuguese Bend Distillery makes all their spirits from scratch using raw ingredients. Their goal is to bring the humble ingenuity and creativity of Long Beach, where their distillery is located, to the California craft spirit movement! Simon Haxton, Portuguese Bend’s “Spirit Tsar,” brings to Portuguese Bend a passion for experimentation and a need to challenge the status quo in order to bring top-notch quality to customers.

You can never go wrong with a great bottle of highly awarded gin or whiskey!

James Bay Distillery is a craft distillery that produces world class whiskies and gins. They’ve won several gold, double gold, and other awards at national and international competitions. All of their gins and whiskies are meant to be sipped--which means they are perfect right out of the bottle-- but they go great in cocktails, as well! James Bay is committed to producing premium spirits using organic, sustainable, and renewable ingredients whenever possible.

If you know a tequila lover, Juan Lobo is a must!

Get yourself some Juan Lobo this holiday season to get the party started! Jon Wolfe is a country music singer who had been touring America for more than 10 years. After achieving success, he decided to expand his horizons by creating the perfect tequila - one that was true to ancient traditions from Mexico and stood out among all others in its class. Along with guidance from experts on what makes good quality spirits and drinks alike, Jon finally settled on an award-winning recipe which led us here today: Juan Lobo Tequila!

For any Rye Whiskey lover, Redemption makes the perfect gift

Aged in oak barrels, these whiskies feature recipes inspired by the pre-Prohibition era when rye was king! Their mission is to bring back America's favorite drink: whiskey--Rye style this time around for added spice. We recommend the High Rye Bourbon or Straight Rye, those all of Redemptions whiskies are delicious!  

A distillery that cares for the eniviroment makes a great gift!

Humboldt stands for sustainable, organic food in the heart of California. They not only care about their environment but also you- so it's always nice to support an establishment like this one!

We esepcially love their hemp infused vodka is it's like nothing else we have ever had.

Truely a unqiue and thoughtful gift for any spirits lover!

A truely small batch distillery making outstanding spirits!

The Sonoma Brothers Distilling Company was founded by Chris and Brandon Matthies in 2012. They are an artisanal craft distiller who have been dedicated to producing high-quality, local spirits for their customers since day one! The unwavering commitment that these twins show is what sets them apart from other companies not only across California but across the Nation!

Need some delicious whiskey and rum for your holiday festivities? Bespoken Spirits can help!

A perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, Bespoken Spirits has created a new way to marry craft maturation for more flavor. They source the best all natural ingredients and use 97% less wood and 99% less energy! They are truly making strides in cutting down the wastefulness of barrel aging. They’ve developed technology to precisely tailor spirits for aroma, color, and taste in an all-natural and sustainable way.

Treat yourself to something nice this holiday EG Vodka!

EG Vodka, or Enlightened Grain Vodka, is made with organic wheat and water from one of the nation’s purest natural water sources. It is a masterfully crafted spirit that embodies nature in its truest form. The natural essences and flavors of their botanicals are brought on by responsible harvesting and sustainable growth. Because of its natural sweetness and silky texture, it can be appreciated both on ice or in a cocktail.

Make it a December to remember by purchasing a bottle or two of Three Chord Whiskey!

When Neil Giraldo first began playing guitar, he discovered that if he could learn to play three basic chords--the root of the blues-- feel their meaning, perfect their sound, he could have a career in music. He realized that the vibrations of the tones in a perfect melody impacts moods and elicits powerful emotions. One night in the studio with friends, they began to wonder (while drinking bourbon) how blending the “tones” of different whiskeys together could create a unique “harmony” of flavor. And so Three Chord was born! Whiskeys made with “perfectly tuned taste,” precision and passion.