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Standard Wormwood Distillery - NY

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BROOKLYN, NY: Standard Wormwood Distillery is pushing the boundaries of classic liquors by redefining and reinventing the craft of what wormwood spirits can be. Using the bitter, complex profile of wormwood to create uniquely layered spirits, their Wormwood Rye, Wormwood Gin, and Wormwood Agave expressions are versatile and can best be enjoyed on their own at 90 proof, or as substitutions for classic spirits in a wide range of cocktails – such as a Manhattan, Sazerac, and Negroni or modern mixologist alternatives.

Standard Wormwood Distillery founders and head distillers, Sasha Selimotic and Taras Hrabowsky,grew up in New Yorks Hudson Valley where they still source all their grains and grow wormwood on their family farm. In 2005 after attending college in NYC in both engineering and fine arts respectively, they started home distilling and experimenting with distinctive wormwood spirits in Bushwick Brooklyn. Seven years later and blocks away from where it all started, they bootstrapped the distillery after wormwood was legalized and built out a unique hand-made still to concentrate on working with this complex bitters. Used for its unique feel and as a modifier on traditional spirits to create layers of complexity for a one-of-a-kind drinking experience defining classic spirits with wormwood.

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