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St. Louis Distillery - MO

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We founded St. Louis Distillery to push the envelope of artisan distilling with the intent to produce absolutely smooth, ultra-pure vodkas. Hand crafted in the heart of the Midwest, the distillers of Cardinal Sin Vodka and Cardinal Sin Starka have gone to great lengths choosing the finest ingredients, and creating a one-of-a-kind distillation process to craft the most flavorful vodka you’ve ever tasted.

Bill Schroer - The Chemistry Major – Several years removed from college chemistry labs, Bill still understands how distillation increases the alcohol percent with each subsequent phase change from liquid to gas. Who else would recall the anaerobic fermentation of yeast and sugars to yield alcohol and carbon dioxide?

Greg Deters - The Agricultural Forecaster (AKA The Farmer) – Do you know the difference between single-row and double-row barley or why our double-row yields such a smooth, touch of sweet taste to Cardinal Sin Vodka? Greg does. With his agriculture and food service background, Greg can discern the different characteristics of vodka flavor components. He truly has the best palate around.

Steve Herberholt - The Engineer – Figuring out how to put things together is what Steve does every day. Holding numerous patents, Steve’s expertise and knowledge has been invaluable as we built-out the distillery and started production. He shows his engineer side every day as he compares notes and numbers on each rectification run to ensure the consistency and excellence of Cardinal Sin Vodka.

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