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Rusted Crow Spirits - MI


There's something about being a Michigan native that can't be explained. It's a sense of pride and strength to combat the toughest of times. After everything that has happened to us in the last few years, we still stand smiliing, eager to call this place home. It's the sheer strength of the people of Michigan that inspires Rusted Crow Spirits. It makes us proud to tell people we're from here. What makes us even more honored is to truthfully tell people that we strive to incorporate Michigan products in as many aspects of the distilling process as we can. We promise to use Michigan grains in our spirits and to never sway from that. No matter where this takes us, one thing is for sure: we will boldly and honestly label "Made in Michigan" on every single bottle that is ever distributed. We will never forget our home.


Joe Schebel, rightfully named after his father, began his education at the Center For Creative Studies. Upon graduating, he took on a job offer with Exhibit Works designing captivating exhibits for companies such as Ford, GM, and Apple to name a few. After the big three crash and the various other financial woes crippling the state of Michigan, Joe Schebel was inspired to thrust his artistic talent into another arena.

With an appetite so starved for something unfamiliar, Joe began learning about the distillery world. A quick interest lead him to Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and the purchase of a small building off of Telegraph Road where he began his work, daring into scarcely tread territory. After an obscene amount of tries to finally perfect the process, mouth-watering recipes were born. With aspirations of opening this business alongside his father in 2013, Joe is more than eager to provide high-quality, premium spirits to anyone daring enough to try.

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