Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative 750mL

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All the warm vanilla, toasted spice, and velvety decadence of dark rum, without the alcohol or calories. For non-alcoholic classic like mojitos and mai tais, inspired mixology, simple serves with soda or juice, and everything in between.

0 Proof (ABV 0%)

Ritual Began Because We Love To Drink
To eat too, and have adventures. We like to wrestle with our kids and climb mountains. We like to make art and we like to stay out too late laughing. We, by the way, are three friends, two of whom share a bed and a child. We're passionate foodies and damn good cooks, so Ritual started in our kitchens.

The goal wasn't to replace liquor —bite your tongue! — but to add a new tool to our cocktail kit. Another way to mark a moment.

Simple enough, right? Yeah, not so much. It took more than a year and hundreds of iterations to perfect our recipes.

We learned how to blend jambu and prickly ash, how to extract the essence of blue agave, reduce the oil in juniper and heighten the perfume of pine. We taste-tested vanilla from Madagascar against vanilla from China. We sought guidance from master chefs and held tasting sessions for Chicago's best bartenders.

We weren't interested in a glass of "something." We're not interested in new-age goop that defies explanation, or fancy spa water that bears no resemblance to liquor.

We weren’t satisfied until it tasted and smelled and felt like the real thing. A new way to make an old favorite (or an Old Fashioned.)

"Ritual isn't an or — it's an and. Celebrate tonight and crush your morning workout. Do a dry month and enjoy your evening cocktail. Drink traditional liquor and choose Ritual when you just want the experience. With balance, you can have more of everything."
— Marcus Sakey

Because we care what we put in our glass, our recipes are labors of love.
Because we care what we put in our bodies, our flavors are all-natural with no allergens.
Because we care about how we treat the environment, our packaging and shipping minimize waste.
And because life is short, our company is still a group of friends. There are just more of us now. Here’s to friends clinking glasses – whatever may be in them.
— GG, Marcus and David

A classic dark rum profile. Lush, rich with toasted spices. Ripe banana and burnt orange complemented by cloves and star anise.

non-alcoholic rum alternative is specially crafted to replace traditional rum 1:1 in the drinks you already know and love. Ritual spirits are made for cocktails and not meant to be consumed straight or neat.

Piña Colada
2 oz. Ritual Rum Alternative
1½ oz. cream of coconut
1½ oz. pineapple juice
½ oz. lime juice, freshly squeezed
Pineapple wedge (for garnish)
Pineapple leaf (for garnish)

2 oz Ritual Rum Alternative
Soda Water
Fresh mint
2-3 lime wedges

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