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Pure Class Distillery - WI



Hendricks Family Distillery LLC is located outside of Eureka, WI, which is 20 miles west of Oshkosh and 8 miles west of Omro.

Back in the spring of 2011, our youngest son, Karl, called a family meeting with my husband Jim, our oldest son Zac and myself, Peggy. For the past decade, Karl has worked in the alcohol business and just loves the challenge and the work. He wanted to know what we thought about starting up a business distilling vodka. He figured between the 4 of us, we would be up to the task, for everyone has their special talents which would be needed. So we took a vote and Hendricks Family Distillery was born!

Pure Class Potato Vodka is naturally gluten free. We distill multiple times until we achieve at least 192 Proof Alcohol. The higher percentage, the smoother the vodka is. We are very proud to offer such a high quality product.

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