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84 Proof (ABV 42%)

Bacanora is grown and produced exclusively in the state of Sonora Mexico. 

It is handcrafted and produced only in small batches.

Bacanora is made from a special Agave plant called called Pacifica or Angustifolia Haw

Sonora's unique soil and climate conditions are what differentiates the rich smokey flavor of Bacanora from its popular mexican cousins, tequila and mezcal. Bacanora is roasted from 2-4 days buried in an eathern pit fired with mesquite which gives bacanora its smokey taste.

300 years ago Bacanora, was wintroduced in a little town in eastern Sonora, Mexico.

In 1915, Bacanora became extremely popular but the governor of Sonora at the time decided that the beverage was becoming too hedonistic and immoral and its production and consumption was banned for 77 years. 

Anyone caught drinking or distilling Bacanora were severely punished either with imprisonment or by hanging. 

in 1992 the state of sonora lifted the ban and made it legal once again.

In the year 2005, the mexican goverment issued bacanora its own NOM which means Bacanora can only be made with 100% pacifica Agave, gown and produced all within the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Clean and clear on the nose, this expression starts strong with intense notes of pepper and agave sugar. Expect an aroma of mesquite smoke and a long smooth aftertaste that lingers on the palate. This Pascola Plata is best sipped neat or on the rocks or blended perfectly with tonic and hibiscus.

2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Gold Medal

2019 London International Spirits Challenge - Double Gold

2018 Tequila Aficionado - Gold Medal 

2018 Bruxelles International Spirits Competition - Gold Medal 

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