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We chose the name deZir, (pronounced desire) to embody an exotic uniqueness and set ourselves apart. It's passion and desire done our way - a little differently. Choosing a sweet cinnamon that doesn't have that usual hot, burn-your-mouth feeling. Using Limes instead of Lemons because of the Lemoncellos market saturation. Mixing in so much Belgian chocolate we have trouble filtering it all out. Picking a citrus few have ever heard of, let alone tasted, to develop something exotic. 

We feel these examples epitomize the "doing things differently" approach that had led to the development of our unique Premium Liqueurs flavors Cinnamon, Mocha, Lime and Tangelo. 

We are committed to giving back to our community. You may not realize it, but each time you buy a bottle of deZir Premium Liqueur, you are supporting the great work at Habitat for Humanity and Coordinated Community Response Against Domestic Violence. Each year we donate five percent of our profits to each of these charities. 

It all started at a Christmas party back in 2009. Todd Olson and Doug David were friends and co-workers with many hobbies in common - woodworking, cooking and classic cars. One passion neither of them was aware they shared was homemade liqueurs. Doug had spent years fine-tuning his family Coffee Liqueur recipe. Todd was experimenting with variations of the classic Italian Lemoncello.

Each of them brought a bottle of their liqueurs to share with their friends and co-workers at the company Christmas party. As you can probably guess, their liqueurs were a hit. Everyone loved them. During the third, or was it the fourth round of samples, someone suggested, "Hey you guys should sell these, I would buy them". And as sometimes happens in real life but mostly in the cartoons, Doug and Todd looked at each other and saw the proverbial light bulb burning brightly. That's the day deZir Premium Liqueurs was born. 

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