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Myer Farm Distillery - NY

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Our family has farmed in Ovid since as early as 1810 and has been working the land at our current location since 1868. John Myer has a B.S. in General Studies in Agriculture from Cornell University, and, as a fifth-generation farmer, has successfully nurtured and managed Myer Farm for over thirty-five years. Last year, John grew 240 acres of corn, 290 acres of soybeans, almost 100 acres of a range of wheat varieties, and various acres of triticale, spelt, barley, and oats. Joe Myer owned and operated a pure-bred Holstein stud bull husbandry business and is an accomplished violinist and pianist, an award-winning fine arts painter, and a published poet. Brothers Joe and John Myer draw from their deep roots and range of skills and talents to produce the finest estate craft spirits available in our country’s artisan revival.

Joseph E. (Joe) Myer, Bio  Co-founder, President, and Master Distiller, Myer Farm Distillers.

Joe was born in Ithaca, NY and grew up on a fifth-generation farm in Ovid, NY. As a former professional painter, poet, and musician, Joe exhibited and sold visual art for 20 years, including at the New York State Museum, Argazzi Art, and Limner Gallery; he published poetry for 13 years in such journals as River City and Forklift, Ohio; and performed and recorded music with Madder Rose and Saint Low as well as taught private violin and piano lessons from the time he was aged 15. For 7 years, Joe also was owner/operator of JMyer Holsteins, which generated nationally and internationally-ranked stud bulls. Joe got his start in distilling by attending a conference hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension. After a year’s worth of research, he co-founded Myer Farm Distillers with his brother, John, and made his first wort and distilled his first batch in June of 2012.

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