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Marble Distillery Co. - CO

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Located in the heart of Carbondale, Colorado’s Creative District, the Marble Distilling Co. is a family and friends owned company born of passions for both craft distilling and the Sustainable Business Model. With an ever-growing list of recognition for both their award-winning craft spirits and innovative sustainability practices, Marble Distilling Co. is a pioneer of sustainable and zero-waste distilling, with a motto to “Drink Sustainably.” MDC has created a one-of-a-kind closed-loop water reuse system, Water and Energy Thermal System (WETS), saving 125.1 metric tons of carbon, 1.8 billion BTUs - enough energy to power 20 homes, and more than four million gallons of water annually. Not to mention, MDC is the only distillery filtering their spirits through crushed Yule Marble from the famous Colorado Yule Marble Quarry in the pristine Crystal River Valley, the source of water for Marble spirits.

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