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James F.C. Hyde (1825-1898) was a prominent Massachusetts businessman and political leader who also had a keen interest in botany and agriculture.

In 1857, he published the definitive work on growing, harvesting and distilling sorghum (then called sorgho). Abolitionists and free state farmers turned to Hyde’s work and sorgho to be free of slave labor produced sugar cane. Since then, sorghum is used as a gluten-free grain and as a fine American sugar source.

Eight score later, building upon the legacy of James F.C. Hyde and utilizing 21st century copper pot distillation, Master Distiller Brant Braue, has produced an American whiskey like no other. One of exceptional flavor and character.Fermenting and distilling one of nature’s finest distillates, we then age it like a fine bourbon or rye in new, small, charred American oak barrels at proof strength of no more than 125. This results in an extraordinary set of flavor and aroma notes in a gluten free whiskey.

World renowned mixologist and spirits authority Brian Van Flandern noted, “Sorgho Whiskey is an exceptional whiskey of remarkable character with subtle aroma of fresh vanilla bean, toffee and toasted caraway seeds. The nose belies a deceptively dry finish of butterscotch, dates, peaches and a touch of maple syrup. This stunning whiskey is not as sweet as traditional Bourbons, yet not as yeasty as a classic Rye whiskey. Instead, it infuses the best of both worlds resulting in a spirit of remarkable complexity, rich character and and a lovely lingering finish. Enjoy neat, with a single cube of ice or as a full flavored gluten free alternative to your favorite American Whiskey based cocktail recipes.”

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