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Hoarfrost Distilling is a family owned and operated company in Fairbanks, Alaska that was created by husband and wife team Toivo Luick and Natalya Medvedeva. Our company was founded on making world-class vodka that can sit with pride on any table in the world. We chose to make vodka because it is traditional of northern countries and because of Alaska’s early history as Russian territory. Our vodka is made entirely by hand in our facility. When we began Hoarfrost Distilling Toivo designed most of the equipment and vodka-making process to achieve absolutely top-shelf smoothness and flavor from our Alaskan barley and water.

“When balancing art and science, I weight my approach to vodka towards science. Making consistent world-class vodka is a very technical process compared to, say, whiskey or brandy.”

“I began my fascination with vodka in the early 1990s when I first began planning an Alaskan vodka brand. Over the years I’ve consumed as many vodkas and as much vodka research as I could get my hands on.”  

-Toivo Luick

The master distiller of Hoarfrost Distilling is Toivo Luick. A lifelong Alaskan, Toivo was born in Fairbanks just 10 years after statehood. “I’ve traveled extensively, but never wished to live anywhere else. After graduating from the University of Alaska I have worked as a chemist and consistently pursued my dream of opening a distillery. I spent a lot of time discovering what makes a great vodka different from a poor one. There’s a lot of mythology and misinformation out there that had to be sorted through.”  In 2007 Toivo married Natalya, a Russian woman, and in 2015 they started Hoarfrost Distilling together. “If I told you everything I’ve seen and done across Alaska you wouldn’t believe me, and the rest of the family is much more adventurous than I have ever been.”

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