Flag Hill Distillery - NH

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Flag Hill sits on a 110 acre conservation easement which preserves the property to remain in agriculture forever. The farm switched from a dairy farm to a vineyard in 1987 with the planting of the first grapes on the property, and the winery began in 1990 with our first harvest.  Years later in 2004 Flag Hill Distillery began making vodka from the highest quality apples New Hampshire has to offer.

Today, the farm is owned by Distiller Brian Ferguson, and his wife Maddie Ferguson, and is used to produce grapes for the winery, grain for the distillery, and vegetables for our events.  The grounds truly showcase the bounty that New Hampshire can have to offer.

Everything at Flag Hill is rooted in quality.  We don’t do things just for traditions sake and we don’t forfeit traditions just to be recklessly innovative.  Every decision is made by a simple question: Will this make it better?

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