Comisario Tequila - CA

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Our Harvest: Our Blue Agave are nurtured for eight to nine years until they are at their peak in richness of flavor and sweetness. It is only at this point in development that our agave is carefully hand-selected and harvested.

Our Distillation: Using the latest technology the piñas, the pineapple-shaped agave hearts, are cooked and crushed to extract the honey, which is then fermented with a special yeast and unique distillation process to make Tequila Comisario’s ultra-premium taste and smoothness. The 100% Blue Agave is estate grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and is allowed to sweeten to perfection before harvest at 7-10 years. Thus ensuring the highest quality sugar concentration.

The 100% Blue Agave is cooked for 12 hours then cooled for another 12 hours. The caramelized agave is shredded in a milling press and the sugars combined with purified water are extracted into deep well vats capturing the precious juice.

After the double distillation process and unique cold filtration process is utilized smoothing the distillate. The final stage of processing is perfectly oxygenating the ultra-premium tequila - now called "Tequila Comisario."

With the CRT strictly controlling the aging process, the American Oak Barrels are employed to perfectly age the Reposado and Anejo, developing an unequaled taste.

The beauty of Tequila Comisario is not only in its unique bottle—it is in the tequila itself. Let your palate savor the smoothness of this ultra-premium spirit.


The Aceves family has been cultivating agave in Los Altos Region for 3 generations. Aceves brothers are new generation Master Distillers with years of experience designing and manufacturing complex, premium quality tequilas at the cross roads-where traditions meets innovation.

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