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Chambers Bay Distillery - WA

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Our approach to making whiskey combines a healthy respect for traditional methods with the innovative spirit and natural resources of the Pacific Northwest. All of our bourbon whiskies are crafted grain-to-bottle on premise.

As our flagship spirit, Chambers Bay Straight Bourbon is the core expression of our wheated-bourbon. By using wheat as the secondary grain in our mash bill we produce a sweet bourbon—a flavor profile that pairs well with the salty sea air to which it's exposed during the aging process. As the older sibling of our Greenhorn Bourbon, CBD Straight Bourbon is aged 3+ years in a floating boathouse atop Puget Sound—aged longer atop the water than any whiskey in the World.

Sharing a keen interest in bourbon and a desire to attain the skills to make great bourbon, Jeff Robinette and Alan Davis co-founded Chambers Bay Distillery (CBD) in 2012. CBD began producing whiskey in 2014 and plans to bottle its first spirits in 2015.

Born and raised in Lakewood, and friends for over 30 years, Jeff and Alan took separate career paths after college. They are now leveraging their collective expertise and passion in the pursuit of making uniquely extraordinary spirits.

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