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Bondurant Brothers Distillery - VA

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Bondurant Brothers Distillery is located in Chase City, VA, about 100 miles east of where the Bondurant Brothers started making moonshine and fruit brandy in Franklin County, VA in the late 1920’s and 1930’s.  The new distillery is nestled in the old South Side Hammer Mill, originally built in 1912, a longtime fixture in the town of Chase City.  The distillery uses the world famous Chase City mineral spring water in the production of all our products.  All spirits are distilled in our 550 gal pot still, and condensed in our solid copper condenser, cooled with our well water.  We stay true to the craft, single batch methods of days gone by.

Robert Bondurant, Head Distiller at Bondurant Brothers Distillery, is the grandson of the famous moonshiner, Jack Bondurant.  Jack and his brothers, Forrest and Howard, made moonshine and fruit brandy in Franklin County Virginia in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.  The 2012 motion picture, LAWLESS, was based on the exploits of the famed Bondurant brothers.  Nearly ninety years and two generations later, Robert is keeping the family tradition alive.  Robert produces his 94 proof moonshine and peach brandy using the same time tested techniques his grandfather did.  Robert malts his own barley and grinds all the grains on site to ensure freshness and consistency and stays true to the real, old fashioned craft spirits.

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