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Bomond Vodka - WA

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Descended from the vodkas once reserved for the nobility of Europe, Bomond vodka is a taste of old-world luxury with a modern-day twist. Bomond was created from a time-honored family recipe passed down through the generations. We inherited the recipe and the technique refining it further while we traveled the world in search for the most succulent ingredients. In France, we found the final elements needed to perfect our vodka. Bomond is a spirit of perfection, and that is what you'll find in each shot of Bomond. The finest ingredients, distilled into the smoothest vodka you will ever taste. We broke with tradition so that you could make a few of your own. Bomond's story is good. Yours can be better. Let Bomond help you tell it.

He immigrated to the U.S. with nothing but his suitcase and that recipe. He traveled to France for the final elements needed to perfect his vodka, then he brought that perfect vodka back to the U.S., a journey of over 8,500 miles.

From the finest French wheat and naturally grown grapes to the limestone filtered water, every element that goes into its production ensures Bomond is the exceptionally smooth vodka.

Limestone filtered water used in Bomond vodka is extracted from the natural geological bed located on the distillery, in the depth of hundreds of feet.

Bomond vodka is distilled 6 times in specially designed Cognac copper pots. Copper removes volatile compounds and improves the quality and the aroma of the final product.

The design of our bottle was inspired by Gardens of Versailles and Eiffel Tower.

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