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AppStrawBrandies Distillery - CT

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At our distillery we produce ultra-pure eaux de vie from New England fresh fruits and purified fruit juices. We brew our fruit wines with selected pure yeast culture. We use the modern temperature control electric pot still to separate fermentation by-products from the fruit spirits. As a result, our brandies are ultrapure and fine with a very smooth taste. No hangover or head ache are reported from tasters and customers alike who have tasted our products. Our brandies are the perfect choice for all partying occasions. They will definitely become the American most prestigious brandies ever made in the United States of America.

As most people know for hundreds of years that brandy is a spirit distilled from fully fermented fruits, or fruit wines which is then stored in oak barrels for ageing. We combined the authentic ancient method with modern technologies to make our brandies in an authentic manner hundreds or even thousands of years ago but the products are much better than those made centuries ago. They are not only to have better tastes, flavors and textures of brandies but also less likely to get people hangover after enjoying them. That is the great achievement from many years of research by the founder of AppStrawBrandies Distillery.

Similar technologies are applied to make the Connecticut Branford Super Bourbon Whiskey, Connecticut Super Vodka from Sweet Rice, Connecticut Vodka from wheat, and ASB Vodkas from grapes and apple at the distillery.


Tai Phan Lam started AppStrawBrandies Distillery because he wanted to create the first hangover free spirits from New England fruits. During his travels in France 5 years ago he has tasted a number of traditional French fruit spirits, also known as eaux de vie, but he experienced hangover most of the times. As a bio-researcher, he knew that the by-products from fermentation cause the hangover. He started his research and experiments to search for the technique to separate such harmful by-product from the aromatic fruit spirits. He has developed successfully a technique to achieve his goal that he could make the brandies just as good as that he had tried in France, but hangover free; that is the origin of AppStrawBrandies Distillery. Since apple and strawberry are the two major fruits used for producing apple and strawberry brandies, the name of the company is so created as AppStrawBrandies.

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