Love Infused Libations: Bianco Negroni and Lemon Drop for Valentine's

In the ever-evolving world of mixology, two award-winning female distillers have joined forces to create a refreshing twist on classic cocktails. Meet the Bianco Negroni and the Botanical Lemon Drop, masterfully crafted by combining Astraea Meadow Gin and Amaricano Bianca. These cocktails showcase a perfect balance of flavors, blending the expertise of the distillers with a dash of innovation.

Bianco Negroni

A Lighter Take on the Original Negroni

The Bianco Negroni emerges as a radiant star in the cocktail scene—a lighter, more nuanced rendition of the iconic Negroni. The collaborative genius of the distillers is evident in every sip, combining the delicate notes of Astraea Meadow Gin with lemon verbena and chamomile, complemented by the bittersweet addition of Amaricano Bianco. The result? A brilliantly balanced cocktail with subtle aromatics and a burst of bright citrus.


To prepare, simply stir the ingredients, strain the mixture, and serve in a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Elevate the experience with an olive garnish, and you have a Bianco Negroni that is as visually stunning as it is delicious.


Lemon Drop

A Botanical Twist on a Vintage Classic

Travel back to the 1970s in San Francisco as we resurrect the vintage candy classic, the Lemon Drop. However, this time, it's adorned with a botanical twist, thanks to the floral notes of Astraea Meadow Gin and the herbaceous finish of Americano. This sophisticated and luxurious take on the original Lemon Drop showcases the distillers' commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor.


To craft this masterpiece, shake the ingredients with ice, strain over a fine mesh, and serve in a coupe glass with a half-sugar rim. Garnish with a lemon twist, and you have a Botanical Lemon Drop that seamlessly marries nostalgia with contemporary elegance.