Celebrating Seattle Pride 2024 with Astraea Gin and Fast Penny Spirits

Happy Pride Month! We're thrilled to announce that Astraea Gin and Fast Penny Spirits, two local women-owned distilleries, are proud to be official partners of Seattle Pride 2024. This collaboration brings together the creativity and passion of these two extraordinary brands to craft the official cocktails of Seattle Pride, offering unique flavors that perfectly embody the spirit of celebration and community.

A Toast to Pride: Meet the Cocktails

Three distinct and delicious cocktails that celebrate diversity, creativity, and the joy of Pride. Whether you're looking for a spicy kick, floral elegance, or vibrant zest, these Pride cocktails have something special for everyone.


Foxy Mama


Instructions: Shake all ingredients except the bubbles. Strain and serve over ice in a glass. Top with 3 oz of bubbles for a festive and refreshing finish.

The Foxy Mama is a vibrant and effervescent cocktail, perfect for raising a glass to the lively and colorful atmosphere of Pride. The hibiscus simple syrup adds a delightful floral note that complements the botanicals in Astraea Mist Gin, while the bubbles make it a truly celebratory drink.


Shelly’s Leg


Instructions: Shake all ingredients well and strain into a glass filled with ice.

Shelly’s Leg offers a unique twist with the addition of coconut water, providing a refreshing and slightly tropical base. The fire bitters add a spicy kick, making this cocktail an exciting choice for those who like a bit of heat in their drink.


Lavender Daisy


Instructions: Shake all ingredients thoroughly and strain over ice.

The Lavender Daisy is an elegant and floral cocktail, with the lavender bitters adding a fragrant and soothing touch. This drink is perfect for those who appreciate delicate and aromatic flavors, making it a sophisticated choice for celebrating Pride.


Join Us for a Taste of Pride

We invite you to join us in celebrating Seattle Pride 2024 by enjoying these special cocktails. Each sip is a tribute to the community, creativity, and unity that define Pride. Whether you're attending the events in person or celebrating from afar, Astraea Gin and Fast Penny Spirits offer a taste of what makes Pride so special.

Raise a glass with us to honor the diversity and inclusivity of our wonderful community. Cheers to a memorable and joyous Seattle Pride 2024!