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Product image 1WINE SHINE MANGO BRANDY 750ml
Product image 2WINE SHINE MANGO BRANDY 750ml


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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

 This brandy is bottled at 80 proof. Our Mango brandy takes the longest to create and consistently sells out in our tasting room. It begins with 100 gallons of our Unaged high-proof brandy, we then add no less than 60 pounds of organic dried mangos and let it sit for a minimum of 8 weeks. The brandy is aged like this to taste, then filtered. Our Mango brandy then has a mix of fresh ginger and black peppercorns added to the mix for 8-17 days. When we feel that the correct taste has been achieved the entire batch is then watered down to 80 proof and let to sit for at least 5 weeks. After this mix has been properly aged it is then filtered and bottled.       

This Brandy creates an awesome addition to a Moscow mule by substituting it for the vodka. It also makes an awesome tropical margarita and goes wonderful with a bit of ice or neat.  This brandy compliments a number of primary liquors at the bar such as: vodka, rum, tequila, and gin.                                                                       

Wine Shine passionately crafts artisan spirits in the heart of California’s central coast. We use only the finest ingredients sourced locally and organically whenever possible. At Wine Shine, we are committed to blending age-old distillation techniques with innovative nuanced flavors that will entice your palate. Our crew collectively has over a century of experience in mixology, culinary arts, and wine making that shines through in every bottle. We invite you to enjoy our brandy, whiskey, and a variety of small batch spirits that will surely leave your taste buds craving for more.
Wine Shine sources their wine from a number of west side Paso Robles wineries including but not limited to: Saxum, Clos Selene, Herman Story, Denner, Turtle Rock, Terry Hoage, Desperada, and Epoch Estates. 
We never ameliorate our products with anything artificial, our spirits are naturally infused and distilled with a very limited number of ingredients. Our goal is to create spirits that showcase the natural flavors and colors of our ingredients. We cut heavy hearts from our still, and don’t re-use heads or tails in the production of our spirits.

Wine Shine was created by 5 people, Mike Scanlan, Mark Sahaydak, Don Burns, Patrick Brooks and Michael Blash. Collectively they possess over 100 years of industry experience.

Don is the assistant head winemaker at Saxum, and owns his own highly regarded label; Turtle Rock. He grew up in Paso Robles, went to Cal Poly to study winemaking, worked his way up at Saxum (Justin and Don grew as best friends and neighbors). Don brings a world class pallet to the team, and his friendships with many of the top wine makers in the region have created a number of opportunities for Wine Shine that are not available to other brandy distillers in the state.

Mark is the head distiller at Wine Shine, he has been working on this trade for over a decade and is regarded as being one o the top minds in the area for distillation. He contributes a ton of experience in blending techniques, distillation, and production to the team at Wine Shine.
Mike Scanlan is the owner of Scanlan Family Farms in Carmel, CA. Mike brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the actual bones of our business. We are lucky to have someone like Mike utilizing his talents to keep Wine Shine functioning as a business. He has also been instrumental in the development of our marketing program.

Patrick Brooks works with Mark during distillation, runs the tasting room and is responsible for local sales and development of new products. Patricks is a great contributor to our method of production, creation of new products and has been instrumental in the development of our local following in the Paso area.

Mike Blash is the only member of the team that lives in southern CA. His responsibilities include but are not limited to, marketing & distribution in the LA/OC & San Diego markets. Creation of the Manhattan Product lineup for Wine Shine, help with the development of new line items, sales and marketing for Wine Shine as a company, and procurement of distribution in new states.

This brandy opens up the nose with notes of tropical Mango and fresh bright ginger followed by a lingering scent of black peppercorns. Mango brandy opens on the tongue with a bright tropical sweet mango quickly followed with a subtle warming ginger fading to a wonderful black peppercorn slow burn to finish. 

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