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Vodka Lover Gift Set

Vodka Lover Gift Set

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The perfect match for any aged vodka lover! This gift set includes two of our favorite craft vodkas and a beautiful glass snifter to sip.

Vodkas include Hoarfrost Crystal and Chambers Bay RÁN. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

80 Proof (ABV 40%)

Hoarfrost Distilling specializes in world class vodkas. Toivo studied vodka making for 25 years before opening the distillery. He designed and built (or had built, in some cases) his equipment specifically for the rigorous purification needed to produce great vodka.

There vodka is made by hand from all Alaskan barley and water. They do every step in house starting with grinding the raw barley, mashing it, fermenting, purifying, and finally bottling and labeling.

Crystal is there standard vodka. It is recognizable from it’s blue and silver label. 

80 Proof (ABV 40%) 

When we set out to develop a vodka named after the Norse goddess of the sea, the bar was set high. This dangerously seductive Viking deity knew how to throw a ravishing party—at least for those who showed up with some gold.

Rán is a wheat vodka infused with a touch of sea salt harvested from the pristine waters of the coast of San Juan Island. Beautiful, Impulsive, Insatiable, Rán was a force to reckon with. The presence of her spirit will enliven any cocktail.


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