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Tailwinds Distilling Taildragger White Rum 750ml

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Product image 2Tailwinds Distilling Taildragger White Rum 750ml

Tailwinds Distilling Taildragger White Rum 750ml

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

Taildragger™ White Rum is fermented over a four to five day period converting the sugars into alcohol. This fermented wash is then distilled in a process where our distillers still use smell and taste while manually adjusting the still to ensure only the finest cut or heart of the spirit is collected. Because we use molasses that is formed from only boiling the cane juice once, our white rum has an "agricole like" quality.

Tailwinds™ Distilling Company was founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Toby and Jillian Beall after years of plann ing. The Bealls shared the vision of creating something original & going against the "grain" in the American craft spirits industry. They are focused on returning America's first distilled spirit to the states with a truly American rum & forging the way  with one of the first 100% Blue Agave Spirits distilled here in the United States.

Toby spent years traveling as a commercial pilot and adventure seeker through the Caribbean Islands, South America and Mexico. Together, the couple tapped their experiences of tasting the local flavors from each of these regions to bring home & create their American made spirits. With a rich history of aviation in the Beall family, Tailwinds branding captures the American spirit & ingenuity that led man to reach for the sky yearning to go higher & faster.


Double Gold Medal-White Rums Fifty Best

The raw cane nose of fresh grass, caramel and tropical fruit may be more than you are accustomed to from a white rum.

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