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Smithville Texas Straight Rye Whiskey 750mL

Product image 1Smithville Texas Straight Rye Whiskey 750mL
Product image 2Smithville Texas Straight Rye Whiskey 750mL

Smithville Texas Straight Rye Whiskey 750mL

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94 Proof (ABV 47%)

Made with Local ingredients aged in new American oak casks. All of out whiskeys are uniquely made from a proprietary blend distinctively created by our master distiller

STRAIGHT RYE MASH BILL - 67% Corn, 33% Rye

We use 20,000 pounds of locally grown yellow #2 distiller’s-grade corn grown on approx. 11,000 acres and 5200 pounds of Hazlet Canadian rye and make it into flaked powder. We mix the grain blend in water to yield 5,000 gallons of mash per batch. The fermented mash is pumped into a pot still for a first round of distillation; we call this our stripping run. It separates the alcohol and congeners - known as low wines - from the mash. The low wines are distilled again for a rough “spirit” run which is about 125 proof. Many distilleries stop the process after two distillations looking for as much volume as possible and hoping the char on the wood “cleans” the product. Our third distillation on the 1500 gallon Vendome copper pot still allows us to craft our distillate cuts. 

Our master distiller, chief engineer, and team of engineers, two of which worked on NASA programs have built a truly state-of-theart custom distillery. We are not calling it “rocket science” but we do utilize some of the same parts that are used in today’s space shuttle program.

Handcrafted using the deepest of traditions, Smithville’s products are created using the latest materials and technology. Our whiskeys are triple distilled using Vendome copper finish stills. They use non-chilled filtration which transfers to our custom hand-flamed barrels, before being aged on-site. Smithville is proud to serve you true Texas craft spirits.


Our offering of Whiskeys, Vodka and Gin are made with the purest water naturally filtered by Texas limestone. Utilizing stateof-the-art pot-still and column distillation techniques, we use a true blend of art and science in our traditional creation methods.


Our products are truly farm to bottle, locally sourced, and crafted from start to finish. We complete the life cycle by recycling 100% of our production remnants and mash to our farms. The by-products from our distillation are some of the highest quality, natural cattle and poultry feeds available helping to produce some of Texas’s finest beef herds. Recycling our local American Oaks, we are able to bring true depth and flavor to our Bourbons.

Our Water

Texas has many layers of pressed limestone feeding aquifers in our water sources. This abundant access naturally-filtered, fresh-tasting, and easily-extractable fresh water is at the heart of our Texas-made Whiskey’s, Vodka and Gin. The point of origin for our water is the Colorado River. Our groundwater contains the lowest levels of organic matter so simple procedures at the water treatment plant and distillery are required. Our water has long been famous for its quality which is perhaps why people settled here as early as 5,000 years ago. Here at our distillery, we have the deepest well in the town of Smithville, over twice the suggested depth allowing for the purest, cleanest, water, known to man / Texans, ensuring we have the highest quality of Texas water available. Reverse osmosis is used to de-ionize and refine its taste on site. Since the quality of both the water and the distillate is so high, only a simple natural organic filter is necessary before bottling.


We own & farm over 11.000 acres of local farmland, which are maintained by our community of 37 families. We start every new batch with a sweet mash, freshly created for each distillation cycle. This is why we can guarantee the finest quality of products, grains and ingredients that go into the making of our Smithville collection of Bourbons, Vodka and Gin.


Smithville is home to the American oak tree. To create our barrels, we harvest and reclaim all of this local natural resource, adding to the flavor and structure of our final products.


 Slightly smokey, well beyond its years. Caramelized vanilla with hints of leathery tobacco. Dried fruits off the spicy rye, in the finish.

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