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Product image 1SEVEN CAVES WHISKEY 375ml
Product image 2SEVEN CAVES WHISKEY 375ml


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90 Proof (ABV 45%) 

Of course we are going to make whiskey. In fact, Seven Caves was founded onthe principle that all good things begin and end with the finest of whiskies. Ourfirst whiskey, inspired by cool Kentucky winters while we sipped San DiegoIPAs,is now finally complete and on sale. The first of many Seven Caveswhiskeys is a single malt, 112 proof, whiskey that was created to accompanythe Mexican treat Cajeta (goat’s milk caramel). This highly caramel whiskey issippable yet strong batch that should be served over a single ice cube.Look forward to our completely original California Whiskey that draws oninspiration from every corner of the great state where Seven Caves lives.

At Seven Caves Spirits, we believe in crafting the finest distilled spirits usingthe best ingredients possible. We don't cut corners. We don't take halfmeasures. Weare a true Grain to Glass San Diego distillery, which meansevery drop of alcohol that leaves our shop came to life here first.We don't buymass quantities of neutral spirits from bulk alcohol purveyors, run it throughour still (or not), slap our name on it and call it good.We make our own neutral grain spirits for our gins because we believe theprocess of making the base spirit to be as critical to the overall flavor of the endproduct as is the selection of which botanicals to use.Our rums are madefrom cane sugar and molasses sourced from a 100+ year oldfarm in Louisiana.The corns and grains for our whiskies come from all overthe US and beyond.Our agave syrup is sourced directly from Jalisco,Mexico.While we try to use as much locally sourced raw ingredients aspossible, our goal is to find and utilize what's best and most ideal for the endspirit we hope to achieve.

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