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Rattlesnake Creek Circle Square Vodka 750mL

Rattlesnake Creek Circle Square Vodka 750mL

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

Named after Missoula’s mid-century North Downtown, Circle Square Vodka is Missoula’s first pure potato vodka. Water from the Missoula aquifer and carbon filtering ensure Circle Square lives up to the motto of “So smooth you won’t know what bit you.”

Having  grown up  in the Rattlesnake,  Missoula’s northern neighborhood  that is bisected by the crystal  clear Rattlesnake Creek, naming our  craft distillery Rattlesnake Creek Distillers  was a natural fit. We are two brothers that thrive  on creating Montana made Spirits that incorporate the  “Craft” label. Everything we produce here at RCD starts  in its purest form and leaves the door an excellent “Craft”  spirit. We source our grains from Montana’s hardworking farmers,  transforming them into premium Craft spirits. Truly a farm to bottle  experience. We distill in small batches, controlling every aspect of the  process from grain to glass. Each Batch creates 200-250 bottles which are  hand labeled and marked with batch and bottle numbers. Dan’s perfect engineering  styled lettering can be found on each bottle

At  the turn  of the century,  the burgeoning community  of Missoula recognized the  need for concrete sidewalks and  began securing contractors to pour  them in earnest. As a condition of  the contracts let by the City, builders  were required to identify their work with  a name and date in order to track the work  for warranty purposes. This requirement gave rise  to the use of concrete stamps. Our maternal great-grandfather,  James Skahan, entered the fray, pulling his first permit in 1909. His  initial stamp was circular in configuration bearing his name, a date and  the term “MAKER”. The decal on the Still Room window mimics that design. Sometime  in the 1920’s, the stamp evolved into the form appearing in the chunk of sidewalk incased  in the hallway floor, which was salvaged from Missoula’s west side. By the ‘50’s, our grandfather,  Frip Skahan, headed the company and was Missoula’s contractor of choice for sidewalk construction. His  crews would pour concrete in the morning, then grade and build forms for the next day’s pour in the afternoon. The pace of construction allowed for completion of ½ a city block per day. Building sidewalks at that rate soon made  Skahan “The most walked on name in Missoula.”

The use of potatoes lends warmth, generates a gentle complexity and a produces a full, satisfying finish.


Circle Square Vodka, fresh lime juice, sage simple, cilantro 


Circle Square Vodka, huckleberry simple, half a lemon 


Circle Square Vodka, Juice of one Lemon, citrus simple, sugared rim 


#1 Circle Square Vodka, house made bloody mary mix, garden fresh garnish 

#2 Circle Square Vodka infused with Jalapeno, house made bloody mary mix, garden fresh garnish 


#1 Circle Square Vodka, house made Caesar mix, garden fresh garnish 

#2 Circle Square Vodka, ginger ale, ginger simple, candied ginger garnish 


Circle Square Vodka, ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger simple, candied ginger garnish 


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