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Quiereme Mucho Espadin Mezcal 750mL

Product image 1Quiereme Mucho Espadin Mezcal 750mL
Product image 2Quiereme Mucho Espadin Mezcal 750mL

Quiereme Mucho Espadin Mezcal 750mL

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90 Proof (ABV 45%)

Quiereme Mucho Espadin is made with agave Espadin by Adolfo Mijangos. The ABV varies slightly by batch but should be between 45-47% depending on the bottle. This mezcal is traditionally produced and the agave is milled by hand. It has notes of leather, green apples, and charred wood.

The QUIÉREME MUCHO mezcal is a distillate obtained from the agave through a totally artisanal process, a sustainable project whose structure includes the participation of the community near the Guegorene farm, where our mezcal is produced. It dates back to the 18th century and is located in the municipality of San Pedro Taviche in the district of Ocotlán, right in the heart of the magueyera and mezcal zone of the central valleys of Oaxaca.

A visit to the Hacienda Guegorene in San Pedro Taviche inspires enormous admiration for the people who contribute daily to the history, tradition and identity of mezcal, for the men and, yes, for the many women who have dedicated their lives to the production of this ancient drink whose secrets have passed from generation to generation thanks to the oral tradition of the community.

When asked about their trade, all the artisans declare themselves highly committed to their work and to the land, proudly proclaiming themselves Mexican.

More than 40 people are involved in the production of our mezcal, of which 23 are native artisans who express their talent in each of our bottles, where they freely express Zapotec art .to give life to traditional alebrijes through painting.


 With 45% alcohol content, it has a strong smell of cooked maguey, notes of caramel, citrus, rosemary, a slight mineral flavor and a finish of fine herbs and earthy notes

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