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OD Beverage Company Uncle Cecil's Scorpion Venom Liqueur 1L

Product image 1OD Beverage Company Uncle Cecil's Scorpion Venom Liqueur 1L buy online great american craft spirits
Product image 2OD Beverage Company Uncle Cecil's Scorpion Venom Liqueur 1L

OD Beverage Company Uncle Cecil's Scorpion Venom Liqueur 1L

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105 Proof (ABV 52.5%)

Legend has it that Uncle Cecil was stranded in the desert for a week. On the second day he came upon an agave plant, but found a nest of scorpions guarding it. Because they looked hungry, he decided to give them the only food he had in his bag - dried jalapenos. Scorpions aren't known for being the smartest creatures, so they ate the jalepenos. This distracted them long enough for Cecil to pick the agave. The next day he came back to find all the scorpions passed out. Uncle Cecil skewered them on a sharpened stick and roasted them on the fire for lunch. He said he could still taste the jalepenos! Ever since then, Uncle Cecil likes his agave with a jalapeno kick! 

Uncle Cecil had a way with words, and a way with liquor. Not one to rest on his laurels, Cecil was always looking for new twists to his Hard Liquor recipes. We continue our family tradition today by combing Sparkling Cascade Mountain water and pure agave syrup. Mixed with the best grain alcohol you can shake a stick at. Just to get us up off our laurels, we add 27 pounds of jalapenos to each 40 gallon batch! Now THAT Flippenhimer's got a doohickey that will really light you up! 

Everyone knows a guy like Uncle Cecil.  He could get himself into trouble, but always got himself out - and never got caught.  The baby of the family, he was always Mama's favorite and could do no wrong.  One time he wrote permission slips for his nephews so they could cut school to go fishing with him.  At first they were very excited but when they remembered Cecil couldn't afford a motor, his nephews quickly realized they were there to do a little rowing before they would get to fish. 

Uncle Cecil had a unique way of describing things when he was telling a story, often using words like “Flippenheimer”, “Whatchamacallit” or “Doohickey”.  He was never married, but once got his car stuck in a lake while he was out on a date with a preacher’s daughter.  The details were never fully explained but had something to do with a flippenheimer jumping out from behind the whatchamacallit, causing him to hit the doohickey and drive right into the lake.  He liked to have fun and share a drink with his friends from time to time.

Uncle Cecil's Hard Liquors were born in the Northwest backwoods from a family moonshine recipe.  Our products are high proof, with a little sweetness to cut that edge off.  We use only the finest natural ingredients and pure glacial water from Mt. Rainier.  We hope you enjoy Uncle Cecil's Hard Liquors enough to share them with YOUR friends from time to time.

It all started at a Christmas party back in 2009. Todd Olson and Doug David were friends and co-workers with many hobbies in common - woodworking, cooking and classic cars. One passion neither of them was aware they shared was homemade liqueurs. Doug had spent years fine-tuning his family Coffee Liqueur recipe. Todd was experimenting with variations of the classic Italian Lemoncello.

Each of them brought a bottle of their liqueurs to share with their friends and co-workers at the company Christmas party. As you can probably guess, their liqueurs were a hit. Everyone loved them. During the third, or was it the fourth round of samples, someone suggested, "Hey you guys should sell these, I would uy them". And as sometimes happens in real life but mostly in the cartoons, Doug and Todd looked at each other and saw the proverbial light bulb burning brightly. That's the day deZir Premium Liqueurs was born. 

We pack 27 pounds of jalapenos into each batch of Scorpion Venom to give you that bold, distinct pepper flavor aroma. 


1 oz Scorpion Venom, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1 tsp Agave Syrup. Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled blender. Blend and pour into a salt rimmed martini glass.Garnish with a lime slice. 

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