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Nat Kidder Navy Strength Vodka 1L

Product image 1Nat Kidder Navy Strength Vodka 1L
Product image 2Nat Kidder Navy Strength Vodka 1L

Nat Kidder Navy Strength Vodka 1L

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90 Proof (ABV 45%)

Nat's original, now for the 21st century.  

 GLUTEN-FREE, filtered repeatedly across activated charcoal, and proofed with alkaline water to be the absolute cleanest.

Each bottle is screen-printed by hand in downtown Los Angeles and purposefully retains variations and imperfections.


In 1940, a 34 year-old master electrician named Nat Kidder labored aboard the battleships at Pearl Harbor, part of the massive efforts to ready them for the coming war. 

By night, he distilled clean vodka for the young sailors in his charge who had begun drinking the Navy's industrial-use alcohol, nicknamed, "Torpedo Juice".

Enamored with distilling, Nat soon turned to whiskey and each year improved his process, marking bottles with Navy stencils –
40, 41…..

December 5, 1941 Nat and his pregnant wife set sail for California, narrowly avoiding the Japanese attack. There, he continued searching for his perfect blend –
42, 43, 44....

Finally when he tasted the ‘49,  Nat knew he had created something truly special.   

Raspberry Cosmopolitan

2 oz Nat Kidder navy strength vodka
1 oz lemon juice
.5 oz honey syrup 
5 raspberries

Shake all ingredients and double strain in a coupe glass. Top with prosecco.

Natural Ginger, Lime, Spice, Tonic and Agave

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