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Product image 1MIZU GREEN TEA SHOCHU 750ML
Product image 2MIZU GREEN TEA SHOCHU 750ML


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Hand crafted in the traditional way, this rare shochu is single distilled from a mash of local harvests; two-rowed barley (61%), black koji rice (29%), and freshly picked, then steamed, Ureshino green tea leaves (10%). At 70 proof it is more concentrated like shochus of old to enhance the aroma, complexities, body and finish. The town of Ureshino is well known for cultivating some of the most sought-after sencha in all Japan.

Mizu (short for 美鶴乃舞, read Mi-zu-no-mai) is proudly produced by the Munemasa Shuzo Co. of Arita, Japan. Over 150 years ago, the Munemasa family opened a small brewery and shop in Hiroshima, but the devastation of WWII forced them to close down. A yearning to return to the family's roots inspired them to reopen in 1985, while moving to the small mountain town of Arita, an ideal locale for craft shochu production given the pristine waters and rich farmland. While paying tribute to the traditional methods of shochu production, they aim to deliver unprecedented creativity, artistry, and strive to constantly offer finer and unexpected shochu experiences to delight their customers.

To savor the beautiful flavors of this Green Tea shochu, we suggest the traditional methods of shochu enjoyment; neat in a small snifter; ‘mizuwari’ (with a splash of cold water); ‘oyuwari’ (with hot water), first added to a ceramic cup, followed by the shochu in a 1:1 ratio; or ‘sodawari’ (with soda water) in a highball glass over ice

Rich and fragrant with notes of matcha, passion fruit, nori (dried seaweed) and cacao. Buttery texture with a long, delicious, lingering finish; green tea ice cream, chocolate, banana and hints of white peach.


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