Barrel Pick* Mammoth Distilling Northern Rye Single Barrel Select Whiskey 750mL

Product image 1Barrel Pick* Mammoth Distilling Northern Rye Single Barrel Select Whiskey 750mL
Product image 2Barrel Pick* Mammoth Distilling Northern Rye Single Barrel Select Whiskey 750mL

Barrel Pick* Mammoth Distilling Northern Rye Single Barrel Select Whiskey 750mL

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128 Proof (ABV 64%)

This single barrel is an exceptional example of Mammoth Northern Rye Whiskey, matured in a combination of carefully selected new wood and second-filled casks. The result is a new expression of whiskey. one that balances American traditions with old world techniques to create a bright and complex spirit that is supported rather than obscured by oak. 

What are Northern Whiskies?
Mammoth Northern Whiskeys are created by blending individual whiskeys that each feature a distinct combination of production methodology—distillation technique, cooperage, grains and mash bill—and aging them in our cool, northern climate. The result is a different type of whiskey. One in which the wood supports, rather than obscures, the grain from which it was created.

A New Style of Rye Whiskey Produced with Old-World Technique
This 9-Year Northern Rye is a very distinct style of whiskey that differs from Straight Rye in several profound ways. Though both are distilled primarily from the flavorful rye grain (secale cereale), Northern Rye also contains a percentage of corn and barley. Each individual grain is distilled separately, then precisely blended together before aging in high-quality second-fill American oak barrels for roughly seven years, before a portion is moved to new American oak barrels for additional aging. After a minimum of nine years total aging, the final Northern Rye in this bottle is produced from a blend of these two finished whiskies.
Another key differentiation between Northern Rye and Straight Rye is northern climate maturation. Resting in an ambient-temperature rick house located in the unique 45th parallel microclimate creates character from variable wood contact and a highly volatile aging environment. The resulting spirit is almost impossible to reproduce using traditional American whiskey finishing techniques. The final blend with the new-oak-finished fraction adds a familiar touch of wood, but with a unique grain-forward palate that is versatile and elegant, emphasizing its crafting from quality ingredients, patient maturation and skillful blending.

Hints of vanilla and delicate fruitiness of pear and cherry are accented by sweet grass and ginger spice that deliver a medium-bodied mouthfeel, light caramel tannins and a clean finish.

Classic Old Fashioned
• add 1.5” orange zest to rocks glass
• add .25oz simple syrup
• add 2 dashes bitters (or to taste)
• muddle and discard fruit
• fill glass with ice (or transfer to coupe for neat)
• add 2oz. 9-Year Northern Rye
Garnish with orange zest spiral and cherry.


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