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Gin Lover (Barreled) Gift Set

Gin Lover (Barreled) Gift Set

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The perfect match for any aged gin lover! This gift set includes two of our favorite craft barreled gins and a beautiful glass snifter to sip.

Gins include Sea Bishop's Barreled Premium Gin and Bainbridge's Heritage Oaked Doug Fir Gin. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

94 Proof (ABV 47%)

Our barreled gin is rested in a combination of rye and bourbon barrels for 4 months. Once sufficiently aged, we the blend the two barrels to produce a spicy and floral spirit that features a lot of the characteristics of whiskey but remains definitively a gin. 


Nose: Peppery, bright, floral, caramel, coffee and butterscotch. 

Taste: Smooth with hints of pink peppercorn, orange peel and cardamom. 

Finish: Vanilla, pepper, orange, coffee and oak. 

90 Proof (ABV 45%)

This oaked gin starts life as Bainbridge Heritage Organic Doug Fir Gin, but undergoes a unique infusion process, resting on hard-toasted virgin American oak chips for at least 2 months.Gin

TASTING NOTES - Unlike barrel-aged gins whose flavor characteristics can be muddled by the residuals of the barrel's former contents, the use of virgin toasted oak ads a warming hint of tannin and ads dimension and detail to the flavor of the freshly-cut Douglas fir boughs used to make this spirit.

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