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Flying Embers Tropical Hops Variety Pack Hard Kombucha 6 pack 12.oz

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Tropical Hops

Discover the harmonious blend of crisp, refreshing flavors in our Tropical Hops Hard Kombucha Variety Pack, where exotic fruits and organic hops unite to create a crisp, refreshing, and satisfying taste. With three fresh flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Passionfruit Citra

Plunge into the vibrant, tropical essence of passionfruit, paired with the citrus undertones of Citra hops, for a refreshingly distinctive and invigorating taste.

Strawberry Strata

A harmonious blend of ripe strawberry juice and Strata hops, infused with a hint of prickly pear and turmeric, create a uniquely refreshing and layered flavor experience.

Pixie Tangerine Simcoe

A lively fusion of tangy Pixie tangerine juice and aromatic Simcoe hops, complemented by subtle notes of prickly pear and turmeric.

8.5% ALC/VOL

In Ojai, California, our founder set out to craft bold, imaginative flavors for the modern drinker.
As this vision was becoming a reality, the 2017 Thomas Fires threatened to destroy all that we had built. A single flying ember could have been the end, but for us it was just the beginning. Humbled and inspired by the event that shaped us, we created our nonprofit arm, the Embers Foundation, to address firefighter, first responder, and community needs nationwide.

Real Ingredients, Real Flavor
Our commitment to premium organic ingredients is the cornerstone of our unparalleled flavor profile, ensuring each sip delivers a truly exceptional experience. These carefully selected, high-quality ingredients enhance the taste and embody our dedication to purity and sustainability. By choosing USDA organic, we guarantee a premium taste that's delicious and responsibly crafted.

Better Bubbles
We’re the first brewers to carbonate our liquids not with CO2 created by the petrochemical industry, but with naturally generated CO2 recaptured from our own fermentation. That’s a fancy way of saying our bubbles don’t just taste better, but are better for Mother Earth, too.

More Flavor, Less Waste
When we ship our botanical brews, we use eco-friendly, sustainable cardboard rings instead of plastic. You also have the option to make your order carbon neutral through EcoCart at checkout.

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  • Quick Shipping Orders ship on average within 24 hours.
  • Competitive Prices We make sure you are getting a deal on our products!

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