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Duck Foot Coconut IPA West Coast IPA 16.oz

Duck Foot Coconut IPA West Coast IPA 16.oz

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We Ship  Your Beer Cold!

6.5% ABV

Never content with leaving well enough alone, we just keep ducking with things. This is a remix of our classic West Coast Style IPA with 150 pounds of toasted coconut added per batch. The outcome is an easy-drinking IPA with a balance of citrusy and piney hops countered with a rich, nutty coconut taste that cools the palate. Available year round on draft and in 16oz cans.

To guarantee freshness, we are the first and only online retail store to ship beer cold! 

24 hour cold - Once you place your order, we move your beer from our 24 hour refrigerated storage to a cold insulated shipping container with cold fixtures inside placed. This  ensures freshness  through out the duration of your delivery time.

At no point do we let your beer reach even room temperature in our possession!

Why should beer always be cold? Temperature effects the flavor and shelf life of your beer! When beer is warmed, the flavor profile can become less than desirable adding bitter and sourness. Additionally the shelf life of a beer can go from 6 months under cold temperatures to only 6 weeks if left in a warm climate!

We know beer, which is why we always ship cold!

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