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Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka 750ml

Product image 1Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka 750ml buy online great american craft spirits
Product image 2Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka 750ml

Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka 750ml

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

Roofraiser Vodka is hand crafted with non-GMO and organic wheat and rye farmed on the Utah-Idaho border, only 80 miles from the distillery.

There are many meanings of “Roofraiser” but we will leave our award winning vodka’s meaning to your imagination.

To all of us at Dented Brick and our 1,000 of happy vodka connoisseur’s, it simply means “The finest, most deliciously crisp-tasting Vodka on the planet.” All that makes Roofraiser what it is surrounds us. The run off from the Rockies into our Artesian well. The sweetest wheat and rye seen blowing in the breeze outside and the master distillers who watch every step in the process from “Grain to Glass” and from glass to every satisfied customer.

Welcome to Dented Brick, a 14,000 square foot distillery built in 2015. From the start we’ve been passionate about crafting something absolutely original, and as we stood on the front porch of the old brick house, we knew we’d found the right place to build our distillery. 

We loved the property.  The original building was, well, original.  It inspired us. Built in 1919, the home had character (and a colorful history).  Almost unbelievably, the property’s water source was an artesian well, drilled by the previous owner and his father. 

We pulled the bricks from the old house down by hand and kept them all - even the dented ones.  Today, they are part of the new distillery and remind us of our mission to produce and share with the world truly craft spirits.  Spirits we love.  Spirits that start with distiller-selected fine raw materials and artesian well water.  Spirits produced entirely in our house with no shortcuts. We promise to put our passion and commitment in every bottle and to create a community around every glass. We are innovators who maintain respect and love for tradition.  

Over the course of Mike McSorley's career in the beverage alcohol industry he has received numerous awards as a craft bartender, has served as a Mixology Consultant for major international hotel groups and stand-alone concepts in the USA, India, and China, and also won a number of spirits competition awards as a Head Distiller in Washington State and Utah. 

Sends up heady scents of vanilla bean and soothing, soft creamy white bread. Sumptuous texturally, this spirit exudes jasmine and baking spices from start until finish. 


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