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Dark Rum Lover Gift Set

Dark Rum Lover Gift Set

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The perfect match for any dark rum lover! This gift set includes two of our favorite craft rums and a beautiful glass snifter to sip.

Rums include Black Bear Colorado Rum and Geek Spirits Golden Rum. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

84 Proof (ABV 42%)

This award-winning gold rum in the distinctive royal purple and gold foil bottle is a lot of both serious and fun, and all delicious. We call the result a Whiskey Lovers Rum” and it is very special. Not only are rums unusual in Colorado, one with the depth and complexity of such oak is even more rare. This has led to many medals including a 94 point gold medal in the New York International Competition and being declared best Rum in Colorado. So, this is a bit of serious and a bit of fun. Perfect to sip, but not too expensive to mix. One craft bartender called it dream rum” for its flexibility and sophistication.

TASTING NOTES-The brown sugar and molasses product with delicate sweetness and round caramel notes. Vanilla, caramel, and toasted marshmallow.

92 Proof (ABV 46%)

Geek  Spirits  Golden  Rum  is  a  perfect  blend  of  rum  matured  in  new  American  oak and  used  bourbon  whisky  cask.  Very  balanced  and  smooth  with  tropical  fruit  flavors,  a  punch  of  vanilla  and  a  caramel  finish.  

TASTING NOTES- Very balanced and smooth with tropical fruit flavors, a punch of vanilla and a caramel finish.  

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